Travelling Through the Universe's Flower

  • Author: Minxi
  • Tags: Fantasy Romance ladies
  • Alt Name: 穿行世界之花
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Clicks: 1494
  • Bookmarks: 13
  • Last Updated: 1 month

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  • About Manga

    Manga [EN/RAW] Travelling Through the Universe's Flower is written by Minxi, This manga contains the following genres, Fantasy,Romance,ladies.
    【 I'm a renowned genius in the History Department of my college, but I can't believe that I've travelled back in time into the body of a princess whose country was defeated in war! Was my being a genius in history all for nothing?! And not only am I stuck in the past, I'm having an arranged marriage with the Westerners as well! Moreover, I'm being married off to a country that runs of magic and has severe gender inequality issues. But don't you dare underestimate me! You're looking down on me, a princess of a defeated country? Well, I'll show you who's the real expert here! 】

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