The Dismissed Dark Soldier's Slow Second Life

The Dismissed Dark Soldier's Slow Second Life

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Status : Ongoing
Other Names : 被解雇的暗黑士兵慢生活的第二人生,
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Dali Air, a dark soldier who is in the Demon King's army but does not use magic, climbed up to the position of the four heavenly king's assistants with his own intelligence and mobility. However, as soon as the four kings were replaced, Dali Air was fired. The disappointed Dali Air was wandering in the forest and accidentally encountered a girl who was attacked by a monster! Dalair, who saved the girl, came down to the village of humanity after the girl's "hospitality". Dali Li'er, who wanted to slip away before revealing that he was a demon, stayed under the girl's request and began the adventurer's journey. "It's not that I don't want to refuse, it's that she is too big


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