Records Of The Mystic Gardens

  • Author: 惊面兔
  • Tags: Martial Arts Fantasy
  • Alt Name: 诡园录
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Clicks: 501321
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  • About Manga

    Manga [EN/RAW] Records Of The Mystic Gardens is written by 惊面兔, This manga contains the following genres, Martial Arts,Fantasy.
    【 园林,乃隔世之地,外物居所。围墙之内,是仙家神祠?艳狐妖庭?亦或是怨灵凶宅?凶魔妖魅聚而成诡园,诡园降临,为祸世间千姿百态的造物,千奇百怪的凶险,于千百诡园中挣扎的众生,能否营造出属于自身的洞天福地
    The garden is a land of the world, a residence of foreign objects. Within the wall, is the Xianjia Shrine? Yan Fox Demon Court? Or is it a haunted house? The fierce demon charm gathers into a paradise garden, the paradise garden comes, for the creation of the world in a variety of ways, the strange dangers, the living beings struggling in the thousands of paradise gardens, can they create their own blessing 】

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