My Wicked Little Girl

Roe, the main character, has difficulty understanding the feelings of others. One day, she witnesses a murder scene and is branded as the culprit. Framed and called the "Diabolical Witch---Murder," she dies by her father's hands. However…

She who definitely died before her father's resentful gaze somehow reincarnates into her 15-year-old self, five years before her death. As a blunt person who cannot sympathize with or understand other people's feelings, Roe only thought it to be annoying to have to repeat the same life again, and… Contrary to her expectations that it would simply be a repetition of the past, her life gets entangled with life's events and she starts heading in a new direction…!

A Romance Fantasy full of her development, as transparent watercolors slowly spread into her once grey and monotonous life!
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My Wicked Little Girl Chapters

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