Modern Witch Hunting Project

Modern Witch Hunting Project

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Other Names : 现代魔男狩猎计划,
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身为现代魔女(性别男)的男主已经活了168岁,秉承不跟人类产生联系的生活态度一直独自 活到现在,自然也没有谈过任何恋爱,然而某天,超级帅气的金发帅哥空降自己公司,并莫名其妙的对自己展开热烈追求,阴郁小魔男要如何应对呢

As a modern witch (gender male), the male owner has lived 168 years old. He has lived alone without contact with humans. He has lived alone until now. Naturally, he has not talked about any love. However, one day, a super handsome blond guy airborne My company, and inexplicably pursue a passion for myself, how to deal with the gloomy little devil

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