Kanchigai no Atelier Meister

  • Author: Tokino Yousuke
  • Tags: Action Comedy Fantasy
  • Alt Name: 勘違いの工房主(アトリエマイスター)
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Clicks: 20575
  • Bookmarks: 185
  • Last Updated: 1 month

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  • About Manga

    Manga [EN/RAW] Kanchigai no Atelier Meister is written by Tokino Yousuke, This manga contains the following genres, Action, Comedy, Fantasy,.
    【 Kuruto gets kicked out of the hero's party for being too useless. However he discovers that in everything else, like cooking, building, magic tool crafting, etc., he's SSS rank. 】

Kanchigai no Atelier Meister Chapters

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