Fighting Soul Continent

Fighting Soul Continent

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Other Names : 斗魂大陆,
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waste? Unable to awaken the waste wood of the fighting soul? Shame of the Luo family? The biggest joke in Wuling County? He smiled! Clan rejection, father aversion, ridicule by outsiders, family repentance, family abandonment, he realized! Fighting soul continent, the strongest is respected When the old talent returns, the genius in the eyes of others is just a joke in his eyes, demon? Ha ha, what Luo Chen likes to abuse the most is evil spirits!

废物?无法觉醒斗魂的废柴?罗家的耻辱?武陵郡最大的笑话?他笑了! 族人的唾弃,父亲厌恶,外人的嘲讽,世家悔亲,家族遗弃,他悟了! 斗魂大陆,强者为尊! 当昔日的天赋归来,他人眼中的天才,在他看来不过是一个笑话罢了,妖孽?呵呵,我罗尘最喜欢虐的,便是妖孽 !
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