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    Manga [EN/RAW] ARK is written by Updating, This manga contains the following genres, Isekai,Action,Sword,Magic.
    【 Hyunwoo, an unemployed part-timer worker, is struggling with his everyday life. With his only strong suit being gaming, he struggles to be employed and getting a job at a major company seems like a dream that’ll never come true. However, one day he receives an opportunity to turn his life around! A job interview at the largest virtual reality game developer ever, Global Exus, is through a game?! With his father’s absence since childhood, his ill mother, and their severe poverty; this seems like an opportunity of of a lifetime. Armed only with his tough nature, Hyunwoo enters and begins his conquest!

    취업준비는커녕 생활고에 시달리며, 하루하루 살기 급급한 만년 알바생 현우. 그나마 남들보다 잘하는 건 게임밖에 없는 그에게 있어, 대기업 취직은 딴 세상 이야기였다... 갑작스럽게 찾아온 인생역전의 기회! 대기업 입사 면접이 가상현실게임이라고?! 아버지의 부재, 병든 어머니.. 지독한 가난. 남은 건 악바리 근성밖에 없는 현우의 가상현실게임 <뉴월드>정복기가 시작된다!

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